Intelligent DevSecOps orchestration tool for governance, continuous monitoring / tracking and rapid deployments


As organizations move away from “command and control” to “trust and verify” DevOps methodologies, executive management cannot view the actual risk state of their IT and application environment.

With Valholla™, you control automation, security and functional testing, over your operations; ensuring adherence to standards and reducing manually induced errors. As a result, you save costs, reduce valuable cycle time, mitigate risk, and accelerate incident responses. Government agencies, complex commercial enterprises, and regulated industries become efficient, protected and compliant when under the automated governance umbrella provided by Valholla.

About Valholla

Valholla is a DevSecOps and governance tool for enterprise visibility, control and intelligence.


Real-time visibility for CISO, CRO, CIO, ISSO, Developers and Project Managers


AI-driven analytics and intelligence for DevSecOps and cost improvements


Orchestration platform that unifies DevSecOps tools and processes to control risk, quality, cost/budget and velocity

Next-generation DevSecOps

An enterprise-intelligent platform that integrates, automates and orchestrates security compliance, governance, and cost to accelerate life cycle velocity while reducing risk.

  • A one-stop platform for developers to work within an organized and secure workflow with continuous integration, delivery, monitoring, governance and compliance.
  • Enables continuous testing with intelligent workflows to allow rapid development and release of secure and fully-tested code, with minimal touchpoints, within a flexible and properly governed environment. 
  • Offers maximum efficiency and security, empowering enterprises to predict security and quality compliance risks in real time with insight into the overall status, quality, and compliance of software development efforts for information security officers, project managers, quality assurance officers and developers. 


CISO Dashboard

Gives a 360° view of your organization's security posture, to get meaningful metrics and insights.

Business Owner Dashboard​

An intelligent dashboard that gives business critical data points on projects, application systems and environments to optimize cost and control processes.

Global Configurations​

Configure the governing and monitoring tools at enterprise level for orchestrating and monitoring IT ecosystem.

Intelligent Pipeline​​

Our tool integrates into your DevOps and DevSecOps pipeline, to ensure security across the entire development life cycle.

In-Depth Workflow Results​

Create workflows with ease to automate security and compliance checks.

Automated Process Governance​

Establish enterprise-wide IT ecosystem governance and automate all process chains for superior orchestration.


Save Time & Resources

  • Integrated security and testing reduce remediation, schedule delays, cost overruns, meetings and audit durations.
  • Pipeline-integrated patching and use of standard scripting reduce labor and downtime.

Control & Reduce Costs / Risks

  • Ability to track and manage infrastructure use and monitor costs.
  • Requires less rework than traditional infrastructure environments, resulting in reduced schedule risk.
  • Integrates with all the requisite security tools, governance and compliance.
  • Supports secure environments including FISMA “High” / SIPR

Save Time & Resources

  • Delivers highly-configurable, fully-integrated, secure, on-demand infrastructure in less than 15 minutes.
  • Built-in intelligence to improve quality and speed to production.

Enable DevSecOps Methodologies

  • Integrates multiple CI/CD tools in a single platform.
  • Injects security throughout the development pipeline.

Our Leadership Team

Our leaders are solution leaders. Our executives have 25+ years of experience in the fields of DevOps, security, government contracting, healthcare, startup innovations and technology modernization.

To learn more about our full leadership team, please visit our Ventech Solutions Leadership page.

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